Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our business ventures and what keeps us busy!

Hi Everyone:

Nothing too exciting to report. At the last ultrasound (last week June 22nd) it was still a boy! And he seems to be doing just fine! We'll have more pictures to post later. We need to get another shot of Elizabeth as her belly continues to grow!

We thought since we hadn't posted in a while we'd fill you in on what keeps us busy! Besides working our full time jobs we also market a nutritional product called Isagenix. We absolutely love it! We have both been using the products for quite some time and decided late last year to get more involved in the marketing business end! So we've been doing that part time building a home based business and earning a little extra income as we grow! It's been fun and a great learning experience!

Isagenix features a total body nutritional cleanse! It's not a colon cleanse or anything like that, but it does help to rid our bodies of the toxins we take in everyday! There are also great tasting meal replacement shakes that help to flood good nutrients into our bodies with active enzymes. This is just a brief explanation of what we do! And to be even more brief we're helping to change peoples lives!

It's been a fun venutre and will soon be the means by which Elizabeth can stay home with our little guy!

We hope you are all doing well! We love and miss you and pray for you often!

Roberto & Elizabeth