Friday, August 12, 2011

The Dreaded Face Plant!

Sitting in the dentist chair waiting for the dentist to give me the verdict! Watching a movie!!

The teeth. This is after he pushed them forward a little with his tongue. (The discoloration has been there since his baby teeth grew in).

What a day! What started out as a promising day turned out to be one of the most traumatic days I've experienced this far in my parenting journey! I know I sound totally mellow dramatic... and I feel that way... and I'll probably feel really silly in a few days after I read this blog post... BUT I am still feeling the emotions of the day.

Ok, so today we decided to head up to the outlets in Park City. Berto and I have been in need of a few clothing items and are preparing for a trip to California. Also, Oliver has been needing new shoes... so our plans were made. After a quick and successful shopping trip I was sitting in the shade with the baby and Berto was letting Oliver test out his new Nike's at the playground. After about 15 minutes they came calmly walking over to me. I was surprised because Oliver doesn't typically leave a 3 year olds happy place (playground, park any where really) without a fight. Berto starts to tell me he tripped and fell and I suddenly realize there is blood coming out of Oliver's mouth. I hand off the baby to inspect the damage and find his right middle front tooth and the one next to it are severely pushed back and bleeding. PANIC. NAUSEA. DREAD. SORROW. Those are only a few of the emotions I felt. I get out my phone and start calling our dental insurance to see what our coverage is. THANKFULLY, I talked to a wonderful lady who suggested before I see our provider through our AETNA DMO, that I call our health insurance and see if they have accidental dental coverage! SCORE! I called and YES, he is covered 100% after a $50 copay which was a much better option for us than paying 20%! And they were amazing. They took the accident report, and helped me find a provider that could see him immidiately AND stayed on the phone while I made the appointment. They also told me EVERYTHING I needed to say so that they were billed properly. What a blessing!

So, we raced down the mountain. Oliver fell asleep so I called my mom and cried. I was trying so hard to keep it together for Oliver when ALL I wanted to do was morn for his poor front teeth.

Ok, so we made it to the dentist. They took an x-ray and thankfully there was no damage done to his permanent teeth which are just chillin up there waiting to come down. The dentist cautioned us not to have him numb Oliver up and try pushing the teeth forward. Oliver had already pushed them back up pretty far with his tongue and the Dentist didn't feel that he'd be able to do much more and it would be more traumatic than necessary for Oliver. So, basically they want to see him for a re-evaluation in 2 weeks as I guess it can take some time to really see the damage with dental trauma's. We just have to watch him for any absesses or anything like that or if he's in extreme pain then we have to bring him back in. The dentist doesn't think they'll fall out or anything like that at this point. So really it could have been much worse. I know that it's not the end of the world, they're just baby teeth... but I'm sad. The poor kid already had discolored baby teeth from who knows what reason... and now they're all wonky (for lack of a better term).

I am relieved that he's ok... but I'm sad. My Oliver doesn't look quite the same when he smiles. And he's been so subdued today. I think he got really scared and I think he's in some pain... and that breaks my heart.

Playing Catch Up!

My pictures uploaded in the wrong order... but I'm too tired to fix them!

At the legacy field museum with Grandpa and Anna! I think they both have a way to grow before they're basketball players! :)

Isaac with Grandpa Rick at the Thanksgiving Point Dino Museum!

With Tita in our front yard!

Both boys with Tito and Tita at the BYU Dino museum!

Isaac... I'm telling you I have my hands FULL!!!

Well, I'm playing catch up again! Once again I've been gone WAY too long! Geesh! Ok, so as far as Isaac goes... On April 26th he had his 6 month check up. He weighed in at 19.38 lbs in the 79th percentile and was 28.0 inches long in the 91st percentile! At about 8 months he started crawling. He is into EVERYTHING!! He's so much fun though! Such a happy, fun and smiling baby. His first tooth poked through right at 6 months and he now has 6 teeth. All four top front teeth and two bottom ones!
On July 21st Isaac had his 9 month check up. He weighed in at 21.1 lbs in the 61st percentile and 29.27 lbs in the 83rd percentile! Isaac is such a joy in our family!

Oliver is just a funny kid. He makes us laugh everyday. We love the funny things he comes up with all the time. He continues to LOVE trains, cars and dinosaurs! He is ALL boy! He is a great big brother. He loves Isaac so much. He's always concerned when he cries, and does his best to keep Isaac happy and laughing by doing goofy things to make him smile! Their favorite game right now is a little game of chase where Oliver runs around like a maniac and Isaac does his best to keep up. They both laugh their heads off the whole time!

In June Berto's parents made a quick visit. We took them to Temple Square and down to the BYU Dino museum. They also got lucky and they and Berto were able to go to a free Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert!

In July my Dad and Anna came for a four day weekend! We packed it full of eating, visiting, a trip to the Thanksgiving Point Dino museum, and a trip to the BYU Legacy Field Museum, oh and swimming, swimming, swimming at their hotel! It was a blast! We did learn that Isaac does NOT like the swimming pool!