Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is the front of the house!

This is the side yard! Check out the apple trees!

This is the kitchen!!

We moved to Utah just over two months ago. Since then we've felt kind of in LIMBO.. okay BIG TIME in limbo. Our very generous friend Alisa invited us to crash in her basement so we didn't have to add to our stress in finding a home before we moved. Since then it has felt as though one thing after another has happened. The BIGGEST thing is our car started acting up and it felt as though the transmission was going. We had already put one rebuilt transmission in it and decided it was NOT worth messing with again. So we sold it to Carmax just over two weeks ago. We acquired a rental car and the car searching began. We had one stipulation, the car had to paid for with the cash that we were given for our car as we do not want a car payment at this time. This did NOT leave very much room for choice AND it made car buying scarier than it has ever been for either of us. We didn't know who we could trust and felt like every car we looked at was junk and would fall apart in minutes after we bought it. After a lot of searching and a lot of prayer we were exasperated to say the least. I was feeling so discouraged. This was about a week after we sold the car. There was no turning back. That very evening Berto's mom called to tell us that his aunt decided she wanted to sell her low miles 1998 Honda Accord. We talked about it and with the price she was selling it for we could afford to fly Berto to AZ to pick up the car and drive it back. It was a major miracle for us. So we have a car that runs well and will be reliable and we are so grateful!

In the middle of all this we were still in our house/apartment search! Another thing that was adding to this pregnant chicks unwanted and unneeded stress. A couple of weeks ago I went to lunch with a friend from my mission. In passing she said she wished she knew a couple of months before we moved that we were moving because they had rented this great little old house in Murray for dirt cheap and it helped them save money to buy a house of their own. Well, I of course put that thought out of my mind thinking that there is no way such a great deal would still be around several months later.... well last week Katrina emailed me and told me that she had spoken to her father in law (who works for the landlords) and the house was still unoccupied. She put me in touch with the landlords and we are moving in on September 27th! We couldn't be more thrilled! The rent is inexpensive and we will have a 1900 square foot 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house to live in with a nice sized yard! It is going to be heaven!

We feel so blessed! On Friday I am meeting the landlord at the house to sign the lease and give them our deposit. They are giving us the keys that day so we can take our time moving in the little things before we need help with all of our bigger items!

It is so nice to feel like we're making progress! I was starting to feel like we weren't going to find the "right" place for our family before I have this baby and thankfully things are all falling into place! We will be moved in and settled with plenty of time to spare! I'm so happy!

Here are the three pictures we took of the house. For some reason we only took one inside of the kitchen! It's an older house but has been well taken care of!