Monday, May 07, 2012

Preschool Performance

Oliver's preschool did a cute little performance and an assisted living facility last week! It was adorable and we were so proud of Oliver. This was the first time all year that he actually sang and did the motions for the songs. Previously he just stood there! :)

18 Months already!

(Isaac's recent favorite "Cheese" face!) I can't even believe Isaac is 18 months old already. He is such a funny, crazy, sweet boy! Here are his 18 month stats! Height: 34.35 inches 93rd percentile Weight 27.18 lbs 66th percentile He shot up nearly 3 inches in the last three months and went from 63rd percentile in height to the 93rd! We still don't know how our kids are so tall! :) Isaac is a character. He talks up a storm and does his best to keep up with his big brother at all times. He looks up to Oliver so much already. It's adorable. I am constantly reminding Oliver that he needs to be a good example because Isaac does EVERYTHING Oliver does! Some of the words Isaac says now are: Mommy, Daddy, cat, poop, doggy, uh-oh, hello, bye, What is that?, mine, I do it, Grammy, Amen, Grandpa, Tita, Sorry, I love you!, Excuse me!, happy, puppy, butt,, Olvo (Oliver), brudder (brother), And he's trying to say his ABC's (thanks to his big brother's constant reciting and singing of them!) This is not a complete list... it's just what I can think of off the top of my head. He's such a chatterbox!

The funny things they say!

Love these cute brother's being brother's!
The past couple days the boys have each had a moment that I want to remember! Yesterday afternoon while Berto and Oliver were at soccer, Isaac was walking around the house saying "uh oh shoe, uh oh shoe..." I couldn't figure out why he was saying that. Isaac loves shoes and he is always walking around with one shoe on his foot (usually someone's other than his own). A couple hours later when Berto and Oliver were home, Berto went to the bathroom and discovered one of Oliver's flip flops in the toilet..... uh oh shoe is right! Funny boy.... guess I'd better keep a better eye on that baby and keep him out of the bathroom! This afternoon Berto took the boys to Wheeler Farms for a couple hours to play so I could catch up on a few things. When they got back it was getting close to bedtime. Oliver was trying to convince us to let him go outside to play again.... I asked Berto if there were any kids out when they got home and he said no... Oliver replied "But I hear them with my good ear!" The best part is, he doesn't have a bad ear. He has two perfectly working ears! Love that goofy boy!