Monday, March 30, 2009

My Little Tender Hearted Boy

So last Friday (I've been meaning to post this for a few days now) after I let my neighbors dog out and fed him lunch. I went over to the park across the street and picked up Oliver (who was playing with Tito and Tita) and headed off to the Super Walmart. He wanted to take with him a little truck that he had been using to dig in the sand. It was no big deal so I tossed him in the carseat and off we went. While we were on our way I happened to look in the rearview mirror to see him with part of the truck in his mouth. (YUCK) Since it had just been in the nasty sand at the park I was totally disgusted. I started telling him that he needed to take the truck out of his mouth. (I used less words though). After several no's and stops he was not listening so I raised my voice and got very stern with him. He finally listedned and actually dropped the truck on the floor of the car. A second later I look back again and his face is bright red and tears are streeming down his face but he's not making a peep. It all but broke my heart to watch him. He showed such a tender side of himself. I really felt so bad, but I'm glad he is starting to understand more and realize there are consequences to his actions. It was a learning moment for both of us but it still seriously made me want to cry too....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joe's Farm Grill

So before we moved to Arizona, we saw on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive Ins and Dives an episode that featured Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ. We were intrigued and planned on "visiting" when we visited Berto's parents. We then of course moved and can frequent any time we want. Joe's Farm Grill ROCKS! It is so yummy. The cool thing about it is, it is a family owned business and they have a farm right on the property where they organically grow all of the produce they use. We've been twice since we lived here and today was the second time. The food is great and there are paths that you can go and walk through the farm. It's not very big but it's still kind of cool! We walked the farm today and it was really fun! We highly reccommend Joe's Farm Grill to everyone!

Big boy bed, and fun in the sink!

Nothing too exciting has been happening in the lives of the Galindo's. But we have started Oliver in a "big boy bed"... really it's just his crib mattress on the floor in our room for now, but it's a start! I've included a cute video of Oliver jumping on his bed. It was the first time we were letting him sleep that way, and it was a nap. Needless to say there was an hour of jumping on the bed before the nap got started!

On one of Berto's days off last week I was down the street taking care of the neighbors dog and Berto was running out of things to do with Oliver. So he let him play in the sink. There are cute naked pics but we think they may be a little too x-rated for the internet...


What happens when you are playing with daddy on the carpet??

So last night was eventful! We went to our friends Allison and Jason's house for dinner. We were having a great time. I decided to get Oliver in his pj's so that if he fell asleep on the 10 minute drive home I could just put him right to bed. Anyway, so when I sat him up to put his shirt on I saw this huge red mark. It freaked me out and after consulting Berto, and Allison we decided to leave and take Oliver to urgent care.... we were convinced it was a spider bite or something like that... well $50 and a doctors opinion later... it is just rug burn. Yesterday afternoon Berto was dragging Oliver around on the carpet. They were playing and that is what caused the rug burn... it sure did freak me out when I saw it though...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What do you do in the summertime??

Okay other mommies..... what do you do with a super active toddler during the blazing Arizona summer? Oliver's favorite thing to do is go to the park so I'm trying to think of things that will be fun, educational and will most importantly keep Oliver happy and busy doing inside things.... comment mommies... I need suggestions!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So our neighbors Jen and Sasa (who we LOVE by the way they are so much fun!) got a puppy a couple of weeks ago. His name is Ozy. Anyway, they hired me to take care of him while they're at work during the week. It's really a win, win, win situation. I love dogs (and so does my little Oliver), they get someone to take care of him and let him out while they're at work, I get a little extra money, and best of all Oliver gets to play with him and he LOVES it! And Ozy loves Oliver just as much as Oliver loves Ozy! They are a cute little pair. Ozy is such a good puppy. I think he's almost 12 weeks old. He's very mellow and so good with Oliver already! It's so fun watching them play together! Love it!

Some fun

Yesterday was one of Berto's days off. We went to Tempe (we were hoping to meet up with an old patient of his who's in town for Spring Training but we didn't end up seeing them :() Anyway, we found this really cool park along what we think is the Salt River but we're not really sure... anyway, it's called Tempe Beach Park. It was really cool. Next time we're going to rent a petal boat and petal around the water! Oliver especially loved chasing the birds and it's very close to the airport so every minute or two there is a plane flying above you and Oliver LOVES planes... so he was in heaven!

Also, Berto's Aunt Alicia has been visiting for several weeks from Guadalajara, Mexico. She left today to go visit some other family in Cali but before she left we snapped a photo of her and Oliver! She's such a sweet lady... and she really likes my cooking! She wanted my recipes! She's too cute!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Texture Aversion Or Just a Picky Eater???

So just after Oliver got his 12 month shots he got pretty sick. While he was sick he wanted to mostly nurse and NOT EAT... well since then we have had quite a lot of problems getting him to eat much of anything. He is still not weened (I'm working on that) and just had his "preferences." I've been noticing that a lot of things that bother him could be a texture issue. And things he used to LOVE (which used to be pretty much anything I put in front of him) he won't eat. For instance raisins, eggs, ground beef, rice noodles (he has a gluten sensitivity so nothing with wheat for him). He'll usually just refuse it and at the suggestion of his pediatrician I usually don't make it a fight at mealtime/snack time. Sometimes I'll just shove something into his mouth to get him to at least try it. If it's most of the things I mentioned above (plus many, many more) he'll just spit them out. Usually he'll keep cereal, chicken, yogurt, applesauce and a few other things in.... it is getting to be quite frustrating for me. I worry that he's not getting the proper nutrition. And he used to eat any fruit or veggie I put in front of him.... now he won't eat most fruits or veggies. Every once in a while he'll eat some but not to often. I don't want to go back to spoon feeding him baby food purees because I don't want to get him back on those types of foods but I'm at a loss. Any suggestions??? I got a food journal so I can keep track of what he'll eat and what he won't and all of that fun stuff so I can take it to his doctor and see if it's an actual problem or if he's just a picky little eater? We're also going to start juicing some fruits and veggies and making popcicles so that he'll at least be getting some of the nutrients from the fruits and veggies in some form... what a stressful time for this mommy!

Anyway, any advice would be welcomed!