Monday, June 29, 2009

Baseball Game/ Soccer Star

Last Friday we went to the Diamond vs Angels game at Chase Field! We had so much fun! Chase field is awesome! Up on the level where the cheap seats are they have a toddler playground, a bigger playground and a little baseball diamond where the little kids can go and try to hit a ball and run the bases. It is so cute! Oliver lasted the whole game and through the fireworks which was AMAZING. He is usually so set on his schedule that we were sure we'd end up leaving early with a screaming tired toddler. But he did great and had so much fun! We had a blast! Oliver seemed to be unimpressed by the fireworks show. I thought he'd really like them but he just sat there... and maybe he was just really tired. But at least he wasn't scared.

The other picture is of Oliver playing soccer through the house with Berto. He is such a good little soccer player already! I know this sounds like a slight exaggeration BUT seriously the day Oliver started walking he started kicking a soccer ball around. He can dribble it and everything and has really good control of the ball. It is so cute to watch! I love it!

Oliver is becoming quite the little chatter box. FINALLY! It is getting so fun to listen to his little conversations with himself. I'm still trying to figure out what the heck he's saying most of the time but we're getting there!

I love being this little boys mommy. He is so sweet and so much fun to be with! I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be Oliver's mommy! I'm one lucky girl!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Dad is the BEST! By Oliver Cole Galindo

Hi Everybody:
My mom is finally not hogging the computer. I've been dying to get on so I can tell you all what a great dad I have! He's the best. He works so hard for me and my mom. He works late at night and still gets up really early when I wake my parents up because I'm ready to play. He also is ALWAYS doing homework. Sometimes I wish he didn't have to do homework all the time... but mom says it won't be forever and once he's done with school it will be better for our future... whatever that means! Seriously though.. my dad is the best. He's fun to wrestle with, sit on, play soccer with and I especially love just hanging out on the couch watching my favorite movies with him! I am so lucky to have such a special dad! Mom and me decided to get him something really simple this year... mom stole the idea from Katrina Parker... she told me to make sure I mentioned that it was her idea.. grown ups are so weird! (Thanks for the idea Katrina). Anyway, we made him a bouquet of candy in a special mug just for him! The mug says "The greatest gift I ever had came from Heaven I call him Dad." I'm really glad that I have such a great dad! I hope he will always know how lucky we are to have him in our life! He's a really special guy!

Love you Dad!


And we're back!

Okay, so I haven't blogged in forever! I just haven't been in the mood! Quick update on the nursery saga. Oliver is doing much better! Thank you to my mom and all of my mommy friends who helped talk me down off of my ledge! :) Two weeks ago he only fell asleep for a little while and then woke up and played and was not a wreck when I picked him up. And then the last Sunday he stayed awake the entire time and played with the toys and the kids! YAY!! Progress!
So we haven't been up to much lately. Here are a couple of pics. On is of Oliver and his Cousin Vandana on my sister in law Terry and Vandana's last morning here before they headed to their final destination before flying back to Spain. Oliver and Vandana had a fun time together while they were here! In this picture they were wrestling with a giant panda bear!
Yesterday we took Oliver to kids club at the mall. One of the perks is a free Carousel ride on the malls double decker carousel! Oliver LOVES the carousel! After we left the mall we headed over to the LDS distribution center to pick up a couple of things and while we were in the area we decided to walk around the grounds of the Mesa, AZ Temple. It was nice!
So all in all things are good with us! We hope everyone is doing well!
P.S. I started this post on Friday… it’s taken me FOREVER to get my pics uploaded. I don’t know what was going on but every time I tried to upload my internet would get knocked out… LAME!