Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Phoenix Zoo

So yesterday since Oliver is feeling better and the weather has been really nice we took a trip to the zoo! We had so much fun and so did Oliver! He loved every minute of it. He just stared at everything and kept saying "wow" at all the animals! It was so stinking cute! He was such a good boy! We are so glad we went! I'm pretty sure Oliver's favorite part was the sting rays. My brave little 15 month old even stuck his hand in the water and touched one (I missed it with the camera darn it). It was so funny though. They kept swimming up and he all of a sudden just stuck his hand in as one was coming. He loved it! I'm sure if he could have he would have just jumped right in the water with them! Anyway, my mom went with us and it was just a really great day!

SIck Again

So about two weeks ago now (I've been too busy to update) our little neighbor boy brought over a cold bug! It was a nasty one and got Oliver really good. Four visits to the doctor later he's on the mend! After a couple of days with the cold I took him in for another croup sounding cough. He was given a steroid in the doctors office and sent home. It was definitely croup.... by the following Monday (that was Friday) he was wheezing so I took him back in and it had become bronchiolitis. Apparently that is something that only kids under two can get... well that day we had a nubulizer delivered to us and we have been giving Oliver breathing treatments with albuteral ever since. The next Friday we went back in because he was acting like his ears were bothering him and sure enough it had become an ear infection! It's been a fun winter.. lol! Anyway, Oliver has been really good with is breathing treatments. I plug it in right in front of the T.V. and let him watch a movie while he has his treatment. He just sits there and is such a good boy! I'm so glad he's FINALLY feeling better!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Big Race

Running to the Finish Line!

The Last Stretch of The Race!

The Bailey Twins! This Was For Them!



Before The Race

Just Arriving to the Big Event!

There I am!

Me and Allison Waiting for the Race to Start!

And Again!

And Again!

This is Me After the Race with My Baby Boy!

Okay, so the pictures are totally out of order but oh well! Today was our big little race! It was for the Bailey Twins. They are conjoined twins that are here in Queen Creek. They are conjoined at the heart and the liver and have already out lived their life expectancy! They are so cute. There is a picture above! Anyway, Allison and I were totally nervous because even though it was just a short 3k race it was a first for both of us. But we had a blast and have already committed to start working towards a 5k and we're going to get our hubbies to tag along next time too! It was a great experience and I loved every minute of it! I was so proud of myself for achieving this goal! It was a great feeling to make it to the finish line and know that I accomplished something I set out to do! What a great day!

Our Valentines Day

This morning I went downstairs to see my beautiful flowers, candy and card from my hubby! He works nights and was able to sneak them in on his way home so I was surprised! I gave him a card and his favorite reeses peanut butter cups. I also made him some heart shaped cookies and I spelled out I-heart-U-4-e-v-e-r! They turned out kinda cute! We had a busy day with my race (which will be in the next post) and Berto had to work. So I made us some yummy egg sandwiches and we just took it easy for a couple of hours together before we headed out to the race.

Thanks honey for the flowers! I loved them! You are so sweet!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My love, My life...

In honor of Valentines Day I thought I'd take a minute to publicly express my love for my dear, sweet husband. What a lucky girl I am to have married my best friend and the love of my life. He is everything to me. (Well him and Oliver). In our two years of marriage we have seen some trying times with regards to our extended family and he has been at my side through all of it. I am truly grateful for his sweet heart, funny personality and desire to work so hard for us. He works so hard on homework, staying up late and waking up early, all while trying to make time for Oliver and me as well! And sometimes I can be quite demanding of time... he's so patient!

Thank you Roberto for all you do for us. You are such a wonderful man, I love you with all of my heart and my love for you grows stronger and stronger with each passing day!! Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where oh where have I been??

I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I guess there hasn't been much going on with us lately. Oliver is of course keeping us busy, busy, busy!! We are adjusting to Berto's hours and intensive school work and miss him a lot!

These are just some fun pictures. Oliver LOVES to eat cereal for breakfast and his favorite part is drinking the milk out of the bowl! With Oliver's gluten allergies we've had some trouble finding cereal that he can actually eat. We did however recently find some Organic Gluten free puffs that he absolutely loves... I actually do too! =) So we have a couple cute pictures of Oliver eating cereal for breakfast!

The other pictures are from this past Tuesday. It was Berto's day off and we decided to go to a different park. We have one right across the street from us that we go to almost everyday but we decided to take him to a different one. We had fun playing and running around for a while with daddy!

That's pretty much all that's been going on with us lately. I'm running in a little race with my friend Allison on Saturday. Nothing big. Neither of us have ever run a race before and wanted to start out slow. I know myself and if I would have done more than a 3k to start I would have burned myself out and probably wouldn't have actually made it. It should be fun. It's for a good cause too which always makes you feel good!

15 Month Stats

So Oliver had his 15 month check up. I can't believe he's already 15 months old. Where does the time go? It was a good check up! He's maintaining his big size and has been consistently in the 90-95th percentiles for height and the 95-100th for weight! We had a good visit with his AMAZING pediatrician yesterday. Our ped in CA used to drive me crazy because she would try to tell me I over feed Oliver because he's so big. Well that is NOT the case, in fact I am constantly concerned that he isn't eating quite enough... but he continues to gain weight so I guess I shouldn't worry. Anyway, Dr. Garcia agrees with me that Oliver is not really fat he's just a very solid kid. It was just nice to have the reassurance from the doctor you know?! Anyway, during the visit Oliver amazed her. For about a month now he's been very interested in coloring and using pens and "drawing." Well, when she came into the exam room she set her pen down on the table and he started reaching for it. The pen was next to Oliver's sippy cup and she assumed that's what he was reaching for and handed it to him. He continued to motion for the pen and so I told her he was probably actually reaching for her pen. She was astounded that he even knew what it was. So she proceeded to hand him the pen and turn over his chart so he could draw on the back. Well, she told me she things Oliver is the most advanced 15 month old she's ever seen. And she's not a new doctor. I thought that was pretty cool. I have always thought Oliver was a little advanced and have often thought I'm in trouble when he's older. But I thought that was quite a statement coming from the doctor. All in all we had an excellent visit yesterday!

Here are his stats: (you are going to be shocked and amazed.. lol)

Height 2' 9" (or 33 inches) between the 90th and the 95th percentiles
Weight: 36 lbs between the 95th and the 100th percentiles
Head Circum. 47 cm between the 25th and the 50th percentiles... I guess Oliver has a freakishly small head! Just Kidding! =) To me it looks big but I guess not!

Thanks for letting me brag once again about my baby boy!