Sunday, November 22, 2009


So we get in the car to go home from church today and all of a sudden Oliver starts saying... OLIVER!!! It was the first time he's said his name! It was the cutest thing ever! He says it very clear! I love it! I have been driving him crazy all day asking him what his name is?!

On the potty training front... today he had an accident while I was upstairs getting ready for church. Berto told me that Oliver came running over to him and said "daddy" and pulled him over and pointed out where the accident was and said "Sorry!" So cute! I think he's getting it! YAY!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our little P-I-M-P!!!!!

Okay, so from a very young age Oliver could tell the difference between little boys and little girls! We would go to the park when he was around 7-8 months old and if he saw a little boy running around he wouldn't haven acknowledge him... BUT if he saw a little girl he would start giggling and smiling and totally working it!

Today at the park we were playing and two girls that were about ten stopped by! Oliver knew exactly what he was doing. He started talking their ears off and was telling them all about his ball, the park and a bunch of other words we couldn't understand. He gave them a little tour of the park pointing out all of his favorite things! (Mostly the slides!) then he slid down the slide all different ways showing off and showed them an imprint of a lizard that he found underneath the slide.

It was the cutest thing. He totally worked it and the girls were doing exactly as he said! It is so cute to watch his little personality! And those were so sweet to follow him around like that!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet Oliver Moments

Well, first of all we are POTTY TRAINING!!!! It's going fairly well! Oliver definitely gets the concept! We've had only a few accidents while wearing "big boy underwear!" (Thank Goodness!) Oliver is being a very good sport about it and we are so glad to be nearing the end of diapers... at least for a while!

Aside from that we haven't been up to too much! My mother in law started Chemo two weeks ago and is feeling pretty good. (Thank Goodness again!) She's a little tired and has had very minimal side effects!

Recently at bedtime Oliver has started "stalling!" Usually he asks for a drink of water, a hug, a kiss etc. Some nights if he's feeling really good he'll ask to say another prayer! I always let him have what he is asking for (especially if it's a prayer because that makes me so happy!) Tonight he kept telling me he needed to go "poo poo!" It was pretty funny! I let him try to go once (Just in case he wasn't stalling) but he was definitely stalling! But oh so cute!

My sweet moment of the night was at the end of our little evening prayer today I of course finished the prayer by saying Amen as I always do. Oliver usually doesn't say anything but today I asked "Oliver can you say Amen?" And of course he said it!

My little brag for the day is that my two year old knows all of the alphabet but 7 letters! He can look at all of the rest and point to them and say exactly what they are! He makes me such a proud mommy!

Hope everyone is great while they gear up for Thanksgiving!


p.s. Please excuse my spelling and grammar my eyelids are ever so heavy and I just wanted to post this since I always forget! Goodnight all! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Tree Craft

Okay, I have been wanting to start doing little crafty things with Oliver but being not so crafty myself I didn't know where to start! A couple days ago I was looking at a friends blog (Thanks for the idea Katrina) and saw that she had done this craft with her 2 year old. So I decided to be brave! I bought some WASHABLE paints from Michaels and followed the directions from the website Katrina found this idea on. (You can click here to see the directions too) They have TONS of fun ideas on this site by the way!

It was a super fun experience! Oliver LOVED every minute of it. In fact he was so upset when we were done (making two) that the only down fall was the amount of tantrums that happened when we finished. I guess I need to do more things like this so he doesn't think it's a once in a lifetime opportunity! I definitely think this was a great project for his age!

Friends & Family Day

This past Saturday they had friends and family day at Berto's work! Oliver and I got to take a tour of the call center and then we got to spend an hour with Berto! They had snacks and water and Oliver and Berto "played" ping pong! It was fun to see Berto at work and get to meet some of his co-workers that we haven't met already!

Friday, November 06, 2009

It's National Adoption Month

It's national adoption month! My friends Sean and Jen are looking to grow their family and adopt a second child! If you or anyone you know is interested in adoption please take a moment to look at their blog! They are amazing people and I know they are looking to provide a home and family for another lucky little child!

Our Big Boy Turned 2!!

This past Wednesday (November 4th) Oliver turned 2!! He is such a big boy! He is talking more and more everyday and has such a fun little personality! We feel so blessed to have this little guy in our family!

We had a small little party for him on Wednesday. We invited a couple of neighbors and a family from our ward that have boy girl twins Oliver's age. He LOVES the twins! They are his best buddies in nursery! It was a fun day and Oliver soaked up all of the attention that was just for him!

When the twins were leaving the little girl Chloe came to give him a hug and a kiss. I just barely got them pulling away from their little kiss. It was SO CUTE!... And a little scary that my son already knows how to kiss girls! It was a fun day!

This morning we had his two year check up! Oliver's stat are...

Height: 37.5 inches - 95th percentile
Weight: 38.9 lbs - 95th percentile
HC: 50 cm - 91st percentile

Oliver continues to be a big boy! He has been consistent his whole 2 years! Well actually he has typically been in the 105th for his weight so I guess his height and weight are finally catching up to each other! But he's healthy and happy!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had quite a week of Halloween festivities! Oliver and I went to my moms wards trunk or treat on Tuesday. Berto, Oliver and I went to our wards trunk or treat on Thursday and then of course there was Halloween! Needless to say we got good use out of Oliver's costume! :)

I decided to be a good sport on Tuesday at my moms ward and threw on Berto's scrubs and was a Doctor. The rest of the nights I was just me!

By the time Saturday came around I was pretty Halloweened out! So (since Berto was working as usual) Oliver and I went to our neighbors (and friends) Jen and Sasa's and hung out for a while! Then I took Oliver trick or treating to just a few houses for the experience and photo ops! Oliver was so cute he would say "tru treat" (trick or treat) and "Tank To" (thank you) at every house! I was surprised because he usually will say things for me and then not to anyone else! I guess he was motivated because of the candy! While we were at Jenn and Sasa's Oliver helped them answer the door and every time he went to help with handing out the candy to the kids he would snag a few candies for himself. Needless to say we have TONS of candy that none of us need! But it was a fun couple of days!

Arizona Museum for Youth

Last week on Berto's day off we took Oliver to the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa. It was so much fun! Oliver loved every minute of it. So much of the museum is geared toward toddlers so it was fun for Oliver which was nice! Here are some fun pictures from that day!

Also, as a little side note my mom and I (mostly my mom) made Oliver a new "night, night." He LOVES the movie Cars and has had for a long time a little fleece blanket with Lightning McQueen on it. But it's a crib size blanket and every time he rolled over in his sleep the blanket would uncover him so I got it in my head that I wanted to make him a new blanket! We found the CUTEST fabric and thought it would be fun to do a checker flag border. My mom put it together and I did the tedious tying of the quilt! But it was fun and Oliver LOVES his new "night, night" as he calls it!