Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Babies, babies and more babies!!

Yesterday was SUCH a fun day!! I went to Lehi and had lunch with two of my mission friends Allison (Rock) Provenza and Katrina (Nurnberg) Dansie! It was so fun! Alli, Katrina and I were all pregnant at the same time and were all due in November and we all had boys! It was so fun to see each others babies!! Katrina also has a cute little 4 year old daughter named Malia! Oliver LOVES her!! It was a great afternoon with good friends and yummy food! I loved it!

The Babies! (Left to right)
Isaac born October 21st, Samuel born October 31st (Katrina's baby)and Dominic born December 2nd (Allison's baby)

Oliver, Isaac, Samuel, Melia and Dominic

I love that our boys are just a few weeks apart in age! I hope they will all be forever friends the way we have become!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Boys

I'm already a little behind on "keeping my journal!" Gosh the time just gets away from me! But here's an update on the boys!

Oliver is hilarious! He's a very reverent little sunbeam at church! He DOES NOT talk in primary AT ALL but we can't get him to shut up at home. His nursery leaders have always said the same thing. He just does not talk. Recently a girl at church was subbing in nursery. She told me she kept asking Oliver his name and he would NOT tell her. Finally she asked one of the other kids. I'm hoping that since sunbeams is more structured he'll start to warm up a little! This morning when he woke up (in my bed) I had turned on my bedroom light. He wined "the sssuuuunnn!!!" I told him it was the light and he said "I need you to tell me it's the sun!" I don't know where that came from! But it made me smile!

Isaac is as cute as ever! He's going through a VERY frustrating faze though. He wants ME to hold him 24/7. He's been taking 30 minute naps which is NOT working for me. I spend my whole day trying to get him to sleep. He's exhausted and cranky and will NOT let Berto hold him. He screams the minute Berto picks him up. I just don't know what to do. It's been going on this way for a couple of weeks already! I am exhausted. My house is a mess and I don't know what to do. I'm hoping he gets through this very, very soon.

Other than that there's not a whole lot to report! We saw tangled over the weekend! It was great! We all loved it! Even Isaac who was wide awake through the whole movie and only cried if I turned him away from the screen. I guess he must have liked the bright screen!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Berto and I are joining with some friends in a friendly biggest loser competition! I need something to get me motivated and get this baby fat off! :) SO we're taking the plunge! For the next 12 weeks it's healthy eating and exercise to the finish! I think I'm going to win! :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011


I can't believe how fast Oliver is growing! Today was his first day as a SUNBEAM! This is the three year old Sunday school class at church! Up until now he's just been in the nursery! This is a big milestone! He did AMAZING! I was worried he wouldn't sit still or would cry and he did neither! I was so PROUD!

Earlier this week Oliver I had Issac sleeping in his bassinet and I was doing the dishes. Oliver comes in and says "Where's my baby brother??" It was too cute!

Yesterday we were having some friends over for cake and ice cream to celebrate Berto's birthday! Oliver was carrying around the paper plates and said "By mama, I'm going to school to eat cake!" I don't know where that came from but I want to go to his school! :)

Oliver is growing up SO Fast! It's bittersweet that's for sure!


I don't typically set New Year's Resolutions! I break them! But this year I have been feeling like I need to set goals and this was the time to do it! My BFF Heather and I decided that we'd help each other stay accountable so we might actually succeed with our goals!!

Here are mine:
1. House of ORDER!
I have been completely overwhelmed since I became a mommy of two! My house has definitely been on the suffering end! My goal is to follow the FLYlady and spend 15 minutes a day tidying up a room. I love her way of doing things and I know my house will always look amazing and I won't feel like I'm neglecting my kids!
2. Study
I definitely need to spend more time strengthening myself spiritually! This is my year for that!
3. Journaling
I am going to "journal" twice a week. I'm not going to write in an actual journal. I'm going to use my blog for that purpose. But I want to remember all of the struggles and happy times and milestones our family has. So twice a week is my goal!
4. Exercise 3-4 times a week!
I have GOT to get this baby weight off! Enough said!
5. Date Berto
Berto and I don't spend enough time together! We're always so focused on the kiddos! We have met some amazing friends since we've been in our little house here and we are going to babysit swap! Even if all we do is go for a drive for and hour and talk just the two of us we are going to do it this year at least once a month!
6. QUALITY family time
We are busy and I feel like even though we're together a lot it's not always quality time. This year we are going to make it all quality time! These little ones are growing up too fast already! We need to make every minute count!
7. Family Home Evening
We haven't been the best at family home evening. But now that Oliver is a little bit older I think it is the perfect time to pick that up and run with it!
8. Meal Plan
I started this a couple of months ago but I want to make it a habbit for life. I am going to meal plan every Sunday and grocery shop every Monday. This has helped us stay within our grocery budget and helps me to stay organized. It's also helping us to make healthier choices!

So those are my resolutions! I'm excited for 2011! I know it's going to be a great year for our family! We are trying to be service minded and I know that many, many blessings will come our way!

Wishing you all the best year yet!