Sunday, February 05, 2012

Picture post!

Just a cute picture of Isaac with a random hat! He's such a fun happy crazy little boy!

Aunt Lianna bought the boys this adorable tent for Christmas and the boys are obsessed with it! Especially Isaac. He wants it out all the time!

This was a proud mommy moment! Last Sunday in primary they made CTR shields. In preschool they're learning to write their names. I was so proud of Oliver for writing most of his name and CTR on his own shield!

Our little SUPERSTAR!

At preschool every couple of months each kid gets a chance to be the star of the week. Last week was Oliver's second turn! Miss Sam sends home a little questionaire and they get spotlighted and get to feel special all week! This time they decorated a cardboard gingerbread person to look like themselves. It's so much fun for the kids!

This is the blurb (with Oliver's answers to the questionaire) that was in the weekly newsletter.
This weeks star of the week is Oliver. Oliver's favorite breakfast is waffles and his favorite song is Jingle Bells. Out of all of the holidays, Oliver's favorite is Christmas. He loves to hop with his Mommy, and his favorite vacation was "when we went to Disneyland and Sea World last summer". Oliver has 4 people in his family, and his favorite treat is candy pizza. What makes Oliver happy is "Santa Claus and LOTS of presents." We love Oliver!

It makes them feel so special!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Isaac's 15 month well visit

Isaac LOVES his big Brother!

Isaac is into EVERYTHING!!!
Last week Isaac turned 15 months! This little boy is growing and changing so fast. He walked just after his first birthday and he is such a curious little monkey! Isaac says mama, dada, hi, bye, uh-oh, what is it? and luv you! Isaac is a climber and gets into a lot of trouble. He also wants to do everything his cool big brother does! He is such a crazy boy! We love our sweet little Isaac!

15 month Stats:
Weight: 25.38 lbs 63rd percentile
height: 31.5 inches 63rd percentile

Berto's Birthday

Berto turned 35 this year! We didn't do too much. Just had a quiet day at home with the kids! I made Berto chicken, bacon pasta for dinner (I didn't like it) and a yummy chocolate cake! Berto got the motorolla razr that he's been wanting! It was a quiet day but good! We love you Berto and love all you do for us! Happy Birthday!! (Old man!)


The Holiday's this year were great. Oliver really "GOT" it! Not just Santa but also the Birth of our Savior. We had a great Christmas. My mom and sister were able to fly up and of course all of the grandparents spoiled the boys rotten! Christmas eve we had a FULL house. It was us, my mom, my sister and my brother. Everyone slept over so that Oliver (and Isaac) didn't have to wait to open their presents.
We had a special Christmas day. We opened gifts and ate breakfast. Then we all got ready for church. After church we came home and got our Christmas dinner ready. I made gluten free Lasagna with Itallian sausage, spinach, ricotta and mozzarella. It was yummy! Then after dinner we piled into the cars and headed down to Temple Square to see the lights! It was a great day! And we were so happy to have my mom and sister with us from California!

I was especially glad because I came down with a really high fever and sore throat and my mom was here for a few days to help with my kids! It was great!


This year Halloween was super fun! Oliver loved trick or treating (even though he was REALLY shy about actually saying trick or treat!) Oliver was Rescue Hero Billy Blazes and Isaac was a pumpkin!
We went to the Trunk or Treat at our Church Building and at Verizon they had a little halloween festival with snacks, a little spook alley and trick or treating through out the call center. It was fun and Oliver loved going around daddy's work!

Oliver's 4th Birthday

Our big 4 year old!

On November 4, 2011 Oliver turned 4 years old! Oliver is such a fun energetic little boy! He is so fun to be around! Oliver's favorite thing in the world right now is preschool. He thrives from preschool. He loves the social and educational aspects of it. Even after only two short months he adores it! And I'm so glad! He is still way into cars, trains, airplanes... pretty much anything boyish! We of course officially celebrated his birthday with Isaac and a fun little party two weeks earlier and since we were right in the middle of finishing up our move (really bad timing darn it!) We had a Costco pizza lunch (O's fave) and some cake! And we of course opened presents. This was a funny day. We ate at our dining table in the middle of the living room surrounded by boxes and bins! There was hardly room to walk and we couldn't find our flame throwers or matches so Oliver had to pretend to blow out his candles. But he was so excited to be 4 and get his presents that he didn't care!

We love our Oliver and feel so happy to be his parents!

Oliver's 4 year Stats:
Height: 3 ft 9 inches Tall 100 percentile
Weight: 53 lbs 100 percentile

Oliver has been consistent since birth! He's our little giant and we love him!

The Move

On October 5, 2011 our landlords gave us 30 days notice to move. The house we were renting was behind a business that they own and they decided they needed to expand some office space into the house! ... So we were on the move again! Moving day(s) were November 3rd and 4th. Moving went pretty smoothly and we found a cute apartment in Holladay, Ut. We really love living in Holladay. It's in a beautiful neighborhood, with a great (pretty close) view of the mountains and very close to a library! I'm especially loving apartment living right now because there is so much less to clean! :) We haven't lived in an apartment since we were first married and I'd forgotten what a cinch it is to keep up an apartment! We were really sad to leave the ward we were in because it felt like home! I guess though there are new people we need to meet and things we need to do here in Holladay!

Isaac's Birthday and our 5th Anniversary!

1st Birthday Boy!

The boys with their cakes!

Anniversary flowers!

Ok, our computer has been down for way too long and I'm happy to report that we have a brand new computer and I am officially (for real this time) back to blogging! :) I have quite a bit of catching up to do so I'm starting with Isaac's 1st birthday and well visit!

We really didn't get to crazy for either of the boys birthday's this year. We were in the throws of moving (which will come in another post) so time didn't allow for anything too big!

On the day of Isaac's first birthday we had our family pictures taken and that evening we had a couple families from our ward at church over to celebrate. We did a kind of combined part for both boys. My friend Wendi made this AMAZING Thomas the Train cake for Oliver and I made a little turtle cupcake cake for Isaac. It was a fun evening we ate pizza and cake and let the kids run wild! It was a good day!

Isaac at age one was already saying mama and dada.

Isaac's 12 month stats:
Weight: 23.44 lbs 60 percentile
Height: 30.22 inches 65 percentile

We love our Isaac. He is such a joy and so much fun to be around. He's a great eater (which is a HUGE change from his big brother)!

As I mentioned before we were in moving mode this year so our anniversary (which is Isaac's birthday) was pretty low key. We exchanged cards and Berto got me some gorgeous flowers.... and we had a party for the kids! We didn't have a chance to do anything exciting even on our 5 year milestone anniversary! Oh well there's always next year! I can't even believe we've been married for 5 years. We've done a lot in five years. We've had two beautiful boys, lived in 3 states, moved (after this one is finished) 7 times! And that is just the tip of the iceberg! I am so grateful to have such a loving, hardworking, kind, generous, fun loving, funny, handsome husband. I love you Roberto! Here's to a million more anniversaries to come!