Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cabin Fever Cures

Okay, so Oliver and I are suffering from "Cabin Fever." It has been (in my opinion) too hot to do too much playing outside and we don't have a car all that often these days and I have been feeling like all I do is let Oliver watch movies and play with his toys... and we're both getting bored! I've resorted to emailing a friend begging for suggestions which she was kind enough to oblige! (Thank you, Thank You again Tenille!)

This evening while I was looking on Sugar Doodle for some extras for my primary lesson I came across a section called "Boredom Busters." They have some cute suggestions to help inspire creativity to keep your kids occupied during (in our case) the summer and even the winter months (in other parts of the country) when it's not convenient to go outside! I'm so glad I came across this!!