Thursday, October 28, 2010

Isaac Reed is HERE!!!!!

Isaac Reed was born on October 21st 2010. He weighed 7 lbs 2 ounces, was 19 inches long and came into the world at 4:56 am. We are so happy to have him here... even if we do have to share our anniversary with his birthday! :)

Things did not go exactly according to plan. Oliver was a c-section because he was breach so we were all scheduled for a repeat section for November 1st. As you can see we didn't exactly make it that far.

Around 12:30 am on October 21st I awoke to a gush and somehow managed to JUMP out of my bed! I very quickly realized my water had just broken! Berto had fallen asleep in Oliver's room while putting him to sleep (I have a feeling Oliver could sense something was coming because he had only fallen asleep maybe 30 minutes before). I went and woke Berto up and told him what was going on. We were both very near panicking. You're supposed to be unprepared for your first baby... not your second one! :) Since we have so recently moved here we weren't sure what to do with Oliver. We don't have any family close by and we have friends but didn't want to bother anyone in the middle of the night... so we had tentatively decided that I would do the birthing alone and Berto would remain with Oliver. We got to the hospital and they told us that Oliver was allowed to stay all the way until I was either pushing or being wheeled into the operating room. That was a HUGE relief! So we hung out in the labor and delivery room for a couple of hours. After we had been in the delivery room for probably an hour and a half my contractions started coming extremely STRONG and very close together. They were trying to hold off as long as possible on the c-section because I had, had a snack at 10 pm. Their goal was to do my c-section at 6:00 am... that didn't happen either. Once my contractions started coming so quickly they got the anesthesiologist in to put in an epidural to try and hold thing off for a couple more ours. That was probably around 3:30 am... well it took him over an hour and multiple pokes in my spine to finally get the catheter in place. By that point my contractions were about a minute apart and the last three I felt I had the urge to push. It was VERY close. I was nervous to try a VBAC and that was why we were still going with a c-section (although the nurses were setting up the L&D room because it was going to be so close). We made it into the operating room. They let Berto watch this time. Something he was very disappointed not to be able to do when we had Oliver. (Eeewwww) But he said they really had to work hard to get him out of the birth canal. Isaac was just a little over three weeks early and a pretty decent size! He had some fluid in his lungs which I understand can be normal for c-section births. He did have to spend about an hour in the NICU while they observed him and made sure it was all aspirated.

I had a slight complication. On Friday evening I got this KILLER headache. It was the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life. I could not sit up, tolerate sound or light. It was due to the trouble with the epidural/spinal tap. They poked a little hole in my spine and spinal fluid was leaking out and pulling on my brain causing the headache. Saturday afternoon they did a procedure where they sterily draw blood from the arm and inject it into the site of the epidural to clot the hole. Within about two hours I was headache free!

We came home on Sunday afternoon. And are so happy to be home!

Isaac is a sweet little baby. He is easy going and such a joy in our home. He goes 3-4 hours in between feedings around the clock which has been so nice and he even lets me put him down! He is such a different baby then my sweet Oliver!

Oliver is still adjusting to being a big brother but definitely loves little Isaac. If he doesn't know where Isaac is he asks "Where's baby Isaac?"

We are so grateful that Isaac is here healthy and happy! And next time I will be prepared for anything... I hope! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Which one will be bigger???

So today Lianna told me she thinks that this baby is going to be even bigger than Oliver was. All I have to say about that is YIKES. Oliver was 9 lbs 7 ounces. My belly was looking smaller for a while there... until the last couple of weeks it just popped out a ton. So today while Oliver was napping I decided to play around with photoshop and put these two pictures together. The one on the left is me at 39 weeks with Oliver. The one on the right is me at 37 weeks with Isaac.... which one do YOU think is going to be bigger???

I really need to remember to thank Berto for NOT telling me how big of a baby he was before we got married.... I sure am lucky to be the carrier of such HUGE babies! (Insert sarcasm here).

Saturday, October 09, 2010

We are all still alive!

And just to prove it here's a picture of Oliver! We're getting nice and settled! I'll post a few pictures of our house soon! We're loving the space and the quiet pretty much just everything about where we are!

Here's a fun picture of Oliver. Him and I went to the free craft day at the Lakeshore Learning Center today! He had a ton of fun! Also, I finally made the blanket I've been itching to make! I've had the fabric for a couple of months... and yesterday I cut it, pinned it, tied it and finished it! YES!!!