Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Isaac's First Day of Preschool

Isaac is not quite 3. He will be turning 3 in October. He has been begging to go to preschool since the beginning of last school year! Our wonderful preschool teacher Miss Sam encouraged me to enroll Isaac this year even though he's a little young. Isaac is quite intelligent and way more verbal than Oliver was. And he really is ready (even if his mom might not be)! So off he went to his first day of preschool. He will only be going 2 days a week this year! As excited as he has been, he was a little tiny bit nervous this morning. But he went in like a champ and had a blast! I was joking with Berto this afternoon. Isaac told me he played playdough, ring around the rosies and played with trains and had animal crackers for lunch, this is more information in one day than I got from Oliver in two years! Our boys are so different! It's so cute! Isaac had a great first day. We got to have rootbeer floats on his first day of school too! He was thrilled! And I got to go to the gym alone and take my time. That felt like a little piece of heaven! I think I'm going to like having both boys in school two days a week!

Another one bites the dust!

Oliver lost his second tooth on Saturday August 31st, 2013! We didn't even know this one was loose. And I think it was just barely loose, but Oliver was holding Isaac by the shirt, with his teeth and Isaac pulled away and the tooth ripped almost all the way out! It was barely hanging by a thread so I yanked it out the rest of the way! At first Oliver was a little freaked out.... until he realized the tooth fairy would be paying him a visit! He scored another buck! Lucky kid!


I still (a week into school) can't believe this time has come! My Oliver is in Kindergarten. My Oliver is in Elementary School! Where did the time go? When did he grow up? Why did it happen so fast? Sigh. It has been a hard realization for me, but he is loving every minute of it! The first day of school he was a little nervous, but came running out with the biggest smile on his face and threw his arms around me and gave me the biggest hug! It was like he was thanking me for letting him go to Kindergarten! (As if I really had a choice!) (Well technically Kindergarten is optional in Utah so I guess I did!) Every day since he has the same huge grin and I get the same big hug! I'm loving that! Oliver's favorite part of Kindergarten is recess (no surprise there)! And his second favorite thing so far is when he got to draw a picture of him and his teacher on the white board in the front of the classroom! So far I really like his teacher, Mrs. Bowman. She is very good at communicating with the parents via a weekly email, and has already asked for some volunteers in the classroom this coming Thursday. I did get a little teary on the first day of school when he walked away, but have been doing fine since then! I think it's going to be a great year! We started a few traditions, a blessing from Roberto the night before school starts and rootbeer floats after school on the first day!

Grandpa and Grandma Anna's yearly visit

My dad and Anna came to visit the week of August 19th! It was a fun filled last week before the reality of Elementary school sunk in at our house! We had a ton of fun. We swam a lot, Lianna, Hamlet, Hamlet's sister Dalliny and uncle Donnie spent some time with us. We went bowling all together. Took a drive up to Park City, swam some more, and this year we visited This is the State Heritage Park. It was exhausting and great fun all at once! We always love their visits! Thanks for everything Dad and Anna!