Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's A.......

Hi Everyone:
Well, Elizabeth is now 16 weeks pregnant! We've added a couple of pregnant pictures above so you can all see how her belly is growing! We are very excited to tell you all that last Friday we found out the we're having... a BOY!!!! Roberto contemplated doing cartwheels through the room but decided against it! Needless to say we're very excited! And very happy to know what to plan for! Of course they were only 99% sure that it's a boy!

Anyway, we hope you are all doing well!!

Take Care!

Roberto & Elizabeth


Kjelstrom Family said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Congratulations!!!

Derek & Kelli said...

Better get working on those names!! How exciting for you two! And a boy is such a special blessing. Congratulations!! And Elizabeth... you look fantastic. Only belly- just like you said. How wonderful you look. Make sure to remember some boys look great in red. Anthony, with his olive skin and dark hair, looks dashing in red. It seems to be a forgotten color sometimes. There I go with the unwaranted advice. I'm stopping it now!! Rest well and keep up the good work!

Our love always,
Kelli (& Derek & the kids too:)