Friday, May 23, 2008

Tornado's in Moreno Valley... What??

So yesterday was CRAZY!! We had a very strange spring storm that included nothing else but a tornado.... I thought I left tornado's behind in Wisconsin but apparently not. The tornado touched down at March Air Force Base just a mere 7 miles away from our house. It then crossed the freeway and tipped over a semi truck and a freight train. And according to the news (and the picture I got from their website) it even at one point split into two tornado's. It was very strange and very scary. The thunderstorm even felt like a mid-western storm NOT a California storm. The thunder and lightning was loud and scary and our neighbors tree was struck by lightning. (They are at the bottom of our long street so it luckily wasn't right next door or anything). Very crazy weather none the less!

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Anonymous said...

seriously! what was up with the tornado??? CRAZY! Our house was shaking from the thunder!