Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our trip to Tito and Tita's House

Oliver in a tunnel at the mall's indoor playground
Oliver and Vandana Playing with Bubbles
Berto playing with Oliver and Vandana at the splash park in Gilbert.
Berto and Vandana at the Gilbert Splash Park
Oliver, Vandana and me at Vandana's little birthday party!

We spent last week in Arizona visiting Berto's parents (tito and tita). We had a nice visit. My sister in law Terry and her daughter Vandana were in from Spain (where they live) it was a fun week! Vandana is two and is so fun! We had a blast. Oliver loved being able to chase his big (er I mean older) cousin around! We went to JC Penney's and had their pictures taken, went to a splash park and just bummed around for a week. We had a great time!


aaburga said...

Put that little girl down Roberto. Put her down!

Allirock said...

Hey Elizabeth! It is Sis Rockie! Arizona eh? So, that feels like it is closer to me, but I am not sure if it is? I am always showing your little Oliver to Anthony, we are always laughing and saying what a cute little chunk he is! I thought about you and talked about you on Sunday because Bro. Raatz, Nancy, and Larry came to my house for dinner Sunday! Fun, it made me miss you all kinds. Hope you are well. Love ya!