Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pears for dinner

So Oliver has become quite finicky over the past week. He doesn't seem to want breakfast no matter what I try to give him and he won't eat anything that I try to feed him no matter what time of day it is. Well today was one of "those" days. I decided I was going to give him some Deli Turkey Lunch Meat for dinner and call it a day. Well I tore it up and scattered it about on his high chair tray and stuck him in the seat. Oliver staying true to his self as of late refused to eat even one bite of the turkey (something he typically enjoys). Well, my mother in law has this little arrangement of plastic fruit that she keeps on the kitchen table. Oliver (who loves fruit always) started pointing at the fruit. So I held up a real pear and asked him if he wanted to eat a pear. He said "Da" and nodded his head. Well, I washed it, took a bite out of it to get it started and handed the entire pear to him. Usually we share and he takes little bites here and there well I could hardly get another bite. He held it like a chicken leg and chowed the entire pear down. Not a protein packed dinner but at least it wasn't cookies or something I'm counting my blessings about that!! :)


Donnie Bones said...

My little man is eating like a big person.

River said...

Oh good for you. I'm know how stressful that can be. I have a different type of picky eaters. My daughter is the worst. She won't eat fast food. I'm so glad he is at least developing habits for healthy things rather than the "spicy Cheetos" my son swears by.