Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I am going to have to post a lot of these now I think. Oliver is becoming such a big boy. Of course today I'm posting it to remember how much I adore my big boy... after an hour and a half long battle to get him to take a nap which ended in a complete sobbing meltdown I need this post! :)

It took him more than two weeks to warm up to his baby brother! But NOW he adores him!

On Sunday Isaac was crying (a rarity for our little baby) and Oliver said "Don't cry baby Isaac you're safe!"

This morning I was sitting down to nurse Isaac... and Oliver said "Mom, I think Isaac wants his milk in a cup!"

Those are the two things that are sticking out in my mind right now. I really should write things down!

Oliver has embraced big brotherhood. This morning when he woke up he came over and started rubbing Isaac's back! And he keeps trying to help him play with the toys on his bouncy seat! Also, last night I had Issac kind of sitting up in our boppy pillow and Oliver came over and laid his head down on the side of the pillow!


Derek & Kelli said...

aaww... Oliver is just such a sweet boy! Glad to hear there's "brotherly love"!

Jen Stokic said...

So sweet!