Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Babies, babies and more babies!!

Yesterday was SUCH a fun day!! I went to Lehi and had lunch with two of my mission friends Allison (Rock) Provenza and Katrina (Nurnberg) Dansie! It was so fun! Alli, Katrina and I were all pregnant at the same time and were all due in November and we all had boys! It was so fun to see each others babies!! Katrina also has a cute little 4 year old daughter named Malia! Oliver LOVES her!! It was a great afternoon with good friends and yummy food! I loved it!

The Babies! (Left to right)
Isaac born October 21st, Samuel born October 31st (Katrina's baby)and Dominic born December 2nd (Allison's baby)

Oliver, Isaac, Samuel, Melia and Dominic

I love that our boys are just a few weeks apart in age! I hope they will all be forever friends the way we have become!


Mont and Dawna said...

both of the babies and the getting together as three fave peeps from the mish.
i feel so left out :)
oh well.
love you all and your cute babies, babies, babies!

Elizabeth & Roberto said...

Love you too Dawna!! You need to make one of your spur of the moment trips a little farther ... and come to Salt Lake! We have plenty of space for visitors at our house and would LOVE to see you! wink, wink!

Mont and Dawna said...

I do need to jump in the jeep and make a random jaunt to UT again. I love it there. Nice to know there's room where you live and lots of friends near to you too. That would be amazing for me. Someday. Soon! (i hope:)