Friday, August 12, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

My pictures uploaded in the wrong order... but I'm too tired to fix them!

At the legacy field museum with Grandpa and Anna! I think they both have a way to grow before they're basketball players! :)

Isaac with Grandpa Rick at the Thanksgiving Point Dino Museum!

With Tita in our front yard!

Both boys with Tito and Tita at the BYU Dino museum!

Isaac... I'm telling you I have my hands FULL!!!

Well, I'm playing catch up again! Once again I've been gone WAY too long! Geesh! Ok, so as far as Isaac goes... On April 26th he had his 6 month check up. He weighed in at 19.38 lbs in the 79th percentile and was 28.0 inches long in the 91st percentile! At about 8 months he started crawling. He is into EVERYTHING!! He's so much fun though! Such a happy, fun and smiling baby. His first tooth poked through right at 6 months and he now has 6 teeth. All four top front teeth and two bottom ones!
On July 21st Isaac had his 9 month check up. He weighed in at 21.1 lbs in the 61st percentile and 29.27 lbs in the 83rd percentile! Isaac is such a joy in our family!

Oliver is just a funny kid. He makes us laugh everyday. We love the funny things he comes up with all the time. He continues to LOVE trains, cars and dinosaurs! He is ALL boy! He is a great big brother. He loves Isaac so much. He's always concerned when he cries, and does his best to keep Isaac happy and laughing by doing goofy things to make him smile! Their favorite game right now is a little game of chase where Oliver runs around like a maniac and Isaac does his best to keep up. They both laugh their heads off the whole time!

In June Berto's parents made a quick visit. We took them to Temple Square and down to the BYU Dino museum. They also got lucky and they and Berto were able to go to a free Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert!

In July my Dad and Anna came for a four day weekend! We packed it full of eating, visiting, a trip to the Thanksgiving Point Dino museum, and a trip to the BYU Legacy Field Museum, oh and swimming, swimming, swimming at their hotel! It was a blast! We did learn that Isaac does NOT like the swimming pool!

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