Sunday, March 16, 2008

Carseat Conniption

So for a few weeks now we have been thinking that Oliver HATES his carseat.... well we're coming to realize that he hates his carseat when he's tired. Oliver is a sleep fighter and when he's tired he doesn't want anything that he knows he'll fall asleep in... he won't eat... and he HATES his carseat. Here is a fun photo taken yesterday afternoon... as you can see he was VERY tired... his face is red and blotchy from his carseat conniption! Enjoy!!


Phil Long said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I tried to email you but wasn't able to get through. I would love to hear from you. Sara and I are very excited about your little guy! He sure has some cute cheeks! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness....i was wondering what the heck was wrong with his it's so blochy....poor little guy! love the high chair pic...can't believe he's already in a high chair.