Friday, March 07, 2008

Sleepy Boy

So every morning Oliver and I go on a walk! We love it! It gets me out of the house for a little while... it gives me time to work off my baby weight... and it gives Ollie time to be out in the fresh air. I guess this morning he was a little tired because when we got back to the house and I went to get him out of the stroller I realized he had fallen fast asleep with a toy in each hand! Too Cute... here's a picture to enjoy!

We have a ton more pictures and a little video we need to post ... it's just finding the time! But this is too fun!


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Derek & Kelli said...

He is geting so big! Sounds like you are doing good... hope you've been able to do all you've wanted to with him. They just grow so quick:) Sorry about my blog being off-line. We had some issues with my ex-husband, and it was just safer to take it down for a little bit. I'm put it back up soon. Hopefully you got my email with Abbey's pictures. Needless to say, four kids equals not enough hours in a day! She is a great baby. We have been so blessed, as have you and Berto. All our love to you.