Friday, June 06, 2008

Bruises, Adventures, and Tears

Yesterday we had our first catastrophe with Oliver trying to pull himself up. He was pulling up on the coffee table (I had my hand blocking the edge but somehow he missed it) and managed to bonk the bridge of his nose on the coffee table. The picture of him smiling is the next day... it's a little bruised but it's hard to tell in this picture. Obviously he's not too bothered by the accident. He's a happy little camper today! :)

A couple of days ago I had Oliver playing on the floor with his toys. I went to wash out his sippy cup and when I came back he had pulled himself onto his knees and was peeking over the edge of the coffee table smiling at me. It was so cute. Well this morning I did the same thing left him playing with his toys for a few minutes while I walked away to take care of something. Well when I came back I saw his cute little face peaking over the coffee table at me only this time when I walked around to see him.... he was almost doing the splits. It was the funniest thing! I'm glad he didn't fall... that would have been hard. But it was so cute to see. He had this little look that seemed to be saying... " look at what I did mommy!" It was adorable!

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