Saturday, June 14, 2008

You're Standing, You're Standing

Oliver hasn't shown much interest in crawling until recently. I would say in the last two weeks he's really decided he wants to figure out how to move. He'll get onto his all fours to try and get a toy and then sit there with a look on his face that says "Now What??" He also will rock back and forth as if he's trying to get momentum going to push him forwards, but every time he tries to actually move he goes backwards! At about the same time he started trying to crawl he started trying to pull up on everything. He can get almost all the way around the coffee table, we just follow him along so he doesn't crack his head open, but he's doing it himself! It's so cute to watch. We are really trying to focus on crawling though because it's so important for brain development.

I love watching him go around the coffee table. His chubby little legs are so cute when they're stomping around!

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