Monday, August 04, 2008

The Joy of Oliver

Today my baby boy is 9 months old. I can't even believe how quickly the time has flown right by. I enjoy each day I am able to spend watching the miracle that he is in our home. I love watching Oliver grow and learn new things each and everyday. I feel so blessed to be his mother and even more blessed to be able to stay home and experience this time with him.

Oliver has such a sweet personality. He lights up the room with his smile and giggles. He's the life of the party all the time at our house. It's so amazing to see the different sides of Oliver. He can be shy also.

I never dreamed I could love someone as much as I love Roberto, but now that I'm a mom I know that I can. It's amazing to see how your heart opens up to make room for your little ones.

I love this little guy!!!

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