Monday, July 28, 2008

So many new things...

I feel like this whole weekend was one of milestones for Oliver! As I mentioned a few posts ago he has been saying mama for a couple of weeks now! This past Saturday he started saying Dada! That was very exciting for Berto! Then yesterday morning before church when I was feeding him his breakfast he started kissing. It was so darn cute. And the other thing he did yesterday was started saying "Uh Oh." It sounds more like "uhhhohh" but we get what he's saying. Oliver LOVES to play with water bottles so he started throwing one on the ground and saying "uhhohh." TOO CUTE!!

Also on the walking front I think it's going to be any day now. Last week he started every now and then letting go and taking a few steps... I know my life is over! :)

Enjoy the video clips!! Oliver felt like performing his new tricks this morning so I took advangage!


Anonymous said...

the kissing one is so cute. wait til he wants to kiss you and only with open mouth. it's AWESOME. LOL hehe.

BigMac said...

He is so dang adorable! I love big babies... Ethan is getting to be quite a chunk!