Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Dad is the BEST! By Oliver Cole Galindo

Hi Everybody:
My mom is finally not hogging the computer. I've been dying to get on so I can tell you all what a great dad I have! He's the best. He works so hard for me and my mom. He works late at night and still gets up really early when I wake my parents up because I'm ready to play. He also is ALWAYS doing homework. Sometimes I wish he didn't have to do homework all the time... but mom says it won't be forever and once he's done with school it will be better for our future... whatever that means! Seriously though.. my dad is the best. He's fun to wrestle with, sit on, play soccer with and I especially love just hanging out on the couch watching my favorite movies with him! I am so lucky to have such a special dad! Mom and me decided to get him something really simple this year... mom stole the idea from Katrina Parker... she told me to make sure I mentioned that it was her idea.. grown ups are so weird! (Thanks for the idea Katrina). Anyway, we made him a bouquet of candy in a special mug just for him! The mug says "The greatest gift I ever had came from Heaven I call him Dad." I'm really glad that I have such a great dad! I hope he will always know how lucky we are to have him in our life! He's a really special guy!

Love you Dad!


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The Parkers said...

Love it!!! Where did you find the mug? I searched EVERYWHERE!!!