Monday, August 31, 2009

File Folder Games

So a few weeks ago at church I discovered "file folder games." A girl in my ward had made some for her kids and they happened to be sitting in front of us. I was completely intrigued by the idea. So I asked her about them! She invited me over to look through her books and make photo copies of some of the pages. I also found a website with some really cool ones that you can print out in color (and not have to color) or black and white if you prefer to color your own! Anyway, I made my file folder games, laminated them put the velcro on and took them to church this past Sunday. I wasn't sure if Oliver would actually use them or not. He's still kind of young. Well he has never sat still for so long! He had so much fun! One of the ones I made (as you can see) is a family tree. I used actual pictures of our family members so we can work on everyone's names. He LOVED that one! They were fun to make, and will teach him something and the ultimate goal... is to keep him quiet during Sacrament meeting... SUCCESS!!!

The books the color games came from are called File Folder Fun. And the website I found the other ones on is

On a cute side note. Oliver (who hasn't seen my siblings since last Christmas) took the picture of my sister off of the family tree and gave it a kiss and then put it back! It was priceless! Such a cute boy!

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Chad and Melanie Gray said...

that is so awesome! I'm going to have make some of these when my little girl gets big enough for them!