Monday, August 31, 2009

Oliver's Friends

In our ward we have this cute little set of boy/girl twins! They are a little over two months older than Oliver and Oliver LOVES them! We usually sit near them during sacrament meeting and seeing their familiar faces is what I think helped his transition into nursery! The little girl is SO CUTE and is always all smiles. She likes to climb under our pew and smile at Oliver and Oliver loves to climb over our pew and smile at her! They are adorable! Yesterday when Oliver and I were walking out of church the twins were walking out with their parents and Oliver, and the twins started yelling "BYE" to each other and waving! It was the cutest thing I have EVER seen! They looked like a bunch of mini teenagers leaving their friends! It was so stinking cute! I love that he has his two little friends! Today when I went to the YMCA to workout he was not happy (to say the least) to be left in the child care. He was crying (which is unusual for him). The twins mom showed up at the class I was taking and said Oliver wasn't crying anymore but looked sad. She also told me that she pointed Oliver out to her kids! When I went to pick him up he was playing with the little Chloe. He saw me and they both came running! I was so happy he was playing with Chloe and NOT hanging around the ladies that watch the kids (which is what he usually does). He was so happy his friends were there! I love those little twins! We have a play date with them tomorrow! It should be fun!

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