Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Silly Sleep and Sentences!!!

So tonight Oliver was being quite difficult to get to sleep. He insisted on having one of the throw pillows from my bed, his stuffed dog named "puppy" who he always sleeps with, a stuffed elephant AND his toy airplane all in bed with him. This is exactly how he wanted everything and would not settle himself until he felt it was just right! He looks so funny and so adorable and yes that is his airplane in his hand!

On another super adorable note Oliver said his first "sentence" today! I was showing him a book with a picture of a dragon on it. He loves dragons because of our weekly visits to the library (they have a humongous one there). I was trying to get him to say dragon because it's so cute when he says it. Anyway, I didn't get dragon but I asked "What is this?" (as I held up the book) and he said "It's a book!" I thought that was so brilliant! Can you tell I'm a doting mom? I think he needs a sibling so he doesn't get too much more spoiled! :)

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Chad and Melanie Gray said...

That is too cute! He is growing up so fast! Maybe he does need a little brother or sister ;)