Saturday, September 05, 2009

A sweet moment with my boy!

I wanted to hurry and post this to our family journal because it's a moment I want to remember forever!

Recently I've gotten in the habit of singing to Oliver before he goes to sleep. Usually he actually conks out after two or three songs. His favorite is the ABC's. Anyway, tonight after I sang him one song I paused to take a breath before beginning a new one and as I was taking a breath he said "more." So I asked him "do you want me to sing you another song?" and he did his characteristic pointing his fingers up in the air and shouting "yay!!!!"

This was such a sweet moment for this mommy! It really made my day!


DJ said...

I love it--- that is so cute! Kinlee seems to like my singing to her, too---not sure why! When she was Ollie's age she say thru sucking her thumb in between songs, "sung" "sung" or "again" really breathy like. It was super cute! I love these little ones & their sweet little ways! Ollie sounds like such a cute sweetheart & your a good mom!!

Jen said...

I just found your blog on your facebook and it's so cute! I'm gonna add this to my list so I can see what your cute family is up to! We have a blog, too! You should visit us...