Sunday, December 26, 2010

Isaac is 2 months old December 21, 2010

Issac turned two months old last week! He's growing so fast! He is such a sweet baby! He's been a little needy the past 3 weeks. He had a cold, ear infection and seems to be having some reflux issues. He is a trooper! I don't think I mentioned this before but Isaac was born with Pectus Excavatum (sunken chest). He will be able to lead a normal life but we did learn that we will always have to watch his weight to some extent. I'm not sure how you watch the weight of a breastfed infant but we'll see! He's smaller than Oliver was so that's a good thing!

Isaac's two month stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 12 ounces 75th percentile
Height: 23 inches long 75th percentile

We love our little peanut! He's brought so much joy to our little family!

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