Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oliver's 3rd Birthday- November 4th 2010

Wow, time sure has gotten away from me. I am completely overwhelmed with two kids! So today I'm going to attempt to play catch up on my blog at least a little bit (just the big events not EVERY little thing)... and I'm even going to attempt to clean my house... wish me luck!

Oliver had his 3rd birthday on November 4th. He's such a big boy! I love my little man. He's becoming a good helper and is such a loving big brother. He loves baby Isaac! Since I was planning on having Isaac just three days before Oliver's birthday we didn't plan much. Which was good since I was still recovering when we did celebrate his birthday!

My mom was in town helping with the kids that week so it was nice that she was able to be here for Oliver's birthday! We picked up a Costco pizza and ate birthday cake! Then we decided at the spur of the moment to take a ride on the trax to temple square! Oliver loved it! We had a little train theme going because for his present he got a Chuggington train station and some trains! He had a very special day! We love our big boy!!

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