Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cooing and Smiling

So Oliver is just the cutest baby ever! We love it when he smiles and coos! We've decided that his "happy spot" is the changing table because for some reason when he's there he talks and smiles the most. Here is a short little clip of him smiling that Elizabeth took the other day! Enjoy!!


SHIRLEY'S said...

so cute! arent those moments what make that 9 months of pregnancy SO worth it! and it just gets better too!

Derek & Kelli said...

He is just precious!! My babies are so quiet, what a special treat for him to coo at you so soon. No baby here yet, although we did end up in L&D Weds night. They pumped me full of drugs to knock me out and sent me home to my bed. I was apparently having contractions, but I just felt yucky. I thought they would have me walk, since I'm already dialated and at 70%, but the nurse was going on and on about girls ending up in the NICU at only 35 weeks, so I took the shot in the butt and went home to sleep. So now we'll wait and see when they atart again, although hopefully stronger and more convincing this time:) Hope you have a happy new year!

daveandmarie said...

He is saying thank you Heavenly Father for sending me to the most wonderul parents in the whole world and thank you for the internet, ( My Mommy will know what that means)