Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Dear Friends and Family:
With the arrival and adjustment to Oliver and parenthood we just didn't get our act together quick enough to send out Christmas Cards. We know this isn't the same as getting a fun picture in the mail but it will have to do this year! Sorry! :)
We made several attempts at family pictures... Oliver was either crying or sleeping every time... so this is what we ended up with! :)
Things have been hectic but good. We feel that we have been specially blessed this year with the arrival of our little Ollie! He' s such a sweet baby and although he's gassy and a little fussy he has such a sweet spirit and personality. After an afternoon of tears he'll just suddenly shoot one of us a big toothless grin and we can't help but smile ourselves. He's just so sweet!
We hope that all of you enjoy your Christmas and New Year! You are all in our thoughts and prayers and hope that things are going well!
We love you all!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Roberto, Elizabeth & Oliver


The Players said...

Aww... look at little Roberto :) He is such a cutie guys!

Derek & Kelli said...

You are doing great! It has taken us 4 years to get cards out, so don't get too down on yourselves. Hope you received our card. Wasn't sure on the sddress... but I figured mailed to wrong address was better than sitting on my desk for 2 months:) You all look so great... and can't wait to watch this upcoming year in your lives.