Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My first month!

Hello everybody! I've been keeping my mom so busy I decided I'd better help her out and tell you all how my first month has been! It's been pretty exciting. I'm a growing little boy. I've already gone from 9 lbs 7 ounces to 12 lbs 2 ounces. Mommy says it's because I'm a good eater... I think she's probably right!
I've had a bunch of exciting adventures already. First I was able to go home from the hospital with mom and dad and get to know my Grandpa and Grammy Bonelli and my Aunt Lianna and Uncle Donnie... boy do I have them fooled... they just love me and think I'm the cutest thing ever! They sure do spoil me! Then when I was just one week old my Grandpa and Grandma Galindo, my Tia Elena, my Aunt Terri, and my cousin Vandana all came to visit me. Grandpa, Grandma and Tia Elena all came from Arizona... but Aunt Terri and Cousin Vandana came the farthest... they came all the way from Spain just to visit me! That was a lot of fun and I was on my best behavior for them! My other great adventure so far was over Thanksgiving I was able to take my first road trip to Arizona so we could see Grandma and Grandpa's new house. That was neat because I got to spend more time with them and Terri and Vandana again! The trip home wasn't so much fun... I had a cold and cried a lot, but we made it back safe and sound!
My mommy and daddy think I'm so smart because I'm already smiling and cooing at everybody. They love watching me smile and laugh.
I think that's about it for now! Stay tuned to next month... and hopefully a little sooner my mommy will send everyone some Holiday wishes! Until next time.... enjoy a few of my most recent pictures! I'm growing everyday!

Oliver Cole!


daveandmarie said...

Oh I can´t wait to hold that little guy, he is a beautiful baby, how fun, I remember when I had Lindi, all I can say am glad she lived through me not knowing what to do, I did some pretty dumb Mommy things for sure. I know you will do better.

Dawna said...

Sounds like Oliver is doing great and everyone else looks good and happy too. Good to hear from you and see that cute baby boy growing and healthy. He looks like a happy baby! I wish for you the easiness of what I got when I had Kinlee--she slept 12-15 hours a night almost immediately. Never cried or fussed, always happy and smiley, went to bed happy woke up laughing and cheerful all day. I hope the same for Oliver and the two of you! He's a cutie. Congrats again! Have fun! Being a mom is the best!

Derek & Kelli said...

You all look so great! Healthy and happy- what more could a new family ask for... Enjoy him while he's little- well, he's not really little, but so adorable:) He looks so healthy... reminds me of my Evan. Not a small baby, but not a butterball, just an all-around solid baby. They grow so quick, as I'm sure you've been told, but you two waited so long for this that I'm sure you soak up every moment:) Hope you can slow down enough to really enjoy your first Christmas with him. You've been given the best present you could ever receive. And Elizabeth, you look awesome! "Mommy" suits you well and I'm so happy for you. I was looking at that first photo you posted and chuckling as I remembered as those "dates" you had to go on before you found Roberto... Roberto- I sure am glad she found you!! She went through dating hell to get to you:) Well worth the greif for such a happy ending. Now we get to lump you in our catagory- Young w/ kids! Welcome! Life just gets busier, but more rewarding from here on out!! Have a Merry Christmas and drop an email w/the address again please... this year I've actually made progress on my cards and would like to send you one. We've been married 4 years and if I only get a handfull of cards mailed out... well let's ust say we'll be impressed! Life... Busy... It just happens:)