Monday, April 07, 2008

Mama' Horspool and Mama Bonelli's Good Advice

So last week Mary Ellen Horspool.... one of my second mom's stopped over and was chatting with my mom and me. They both encourage me to keep a journal so that I can remember all of the times as a new mom... and for my kids to be able to turn to as new parents... and to see what life was like for us... well I'm HORRIBLE at journal writing but I've decided to take the challenge. I'm going to start writing in my journal.... and I'm also going to keep up my blog because I feel like it is a journal too.... the funny thing is I picked up the Ensign magazine yesterday in between conf. sessions and they had an article on journal writing.... I think this is a good thing!!

Thanks Mary Ellen and Mom!!!

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Jackson 3 said...

So true. I really wish I was better at it too!! I do have a friend though that prints out her blog for Journaling. Great idea if you keep up on your blog well! I don't think I'm very good about that either. I have though, at the end of each month wrote down lots of info about Eli. His sleeping & eating schedule, likes & dislikes, new things he's learning & whatever if any thing else special. Then I don't have to do it all too often, just once a month.