Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A week of Milestones

The past few days have been a week of milestones for our little family! Oliver FINALLY rolled over from front to back last Thursday we were so excited... and now he won't stay on his stomach for more than a few seconds!!

On Sunday we FINALLY blessed Oliver. And I was so proud of Roberto. I know he was very nervous but he gave a beautiful blessing! It was so fun to have many of Roberto's cousins and Aunts and his parents there to be a part of our special day.

And the most recent milestone .... Oliver is sitting up by himself! He started yesterday. He's a little wobbly but he sure can sit all by himself!! We're so proud!!

And just to caption a picture... Oliver LOVES water bottles... he loves to play with them!!


Anonymous said...

so exciting he's growing so much and he's so cute! Good job Oliver for the great accomplishments!!! He looks like such a sweet baby boy!

daveandmarie said...

what a beautiful family, you did good Bizz

The Players said...

Eliza use to love playing with water bottles and one day she was chewing on it and cut her tongue on the top. She was bleeding for about 20 mins. So be careful! I just don't let her play with them anymore.