Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey

Today is my Berto's birthday! Yes he is a new years baby! We don't have too much planned today. Last night we had our new friends Allison and Jason and their kids over for dinner and some yummy (if I do say so myself) bread pudding! It was fun getting to know them a little better!

I'm so grateful for Roberto and the hard work and sacrifices he makes for Oliver and me each day. He's such a goof ball and that is just ONE of the many things I admire in him. I appreciate his ability to bring the goofball out in me... something that is not always easily done! But as you can see in this lovely picture he does make that happen! I hope you have a wonderful 32nd Birthday babe! I love Roberto you are so special to me! Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father!


Anonymous said...

i love it! it's nice to see you can make that face too. hehe.

aaburga said...

Go Berto! Happy 39! You look so young :)