Monday, January 26, 2009

Bragging Rights

So first of all I have to thank Katrina Parker for helping me learn how to make this little layout! I still have some learning to do but it was fun to play around and create this little page!

Okay, now for the bragging! So Oliver is getting so smart! Everyday he learns or does or says something new but in the last week he's done to things that have totally amazed me! First, my sister in law Terry had given him a little book that teaches where your eyes, ears, mouth, nose and chin are. I hadn't taken that particular book out for a couple of weeks but a few days ago decided to hand Oliver that book when we were doing out story time that evening. When I handed him the book he happened to open it up to the ears page, when he did he looked at it and while pointing at the little picture of the kid pointing at his ears he pulled on his other ear. I thought that was so amazing and cute!

The other thing I wanted to brag about is this. I have always sang to him the Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree song and done the hand motions. Ever since he was a young baby. For a couple of months now he does some of the motions with me which is so dang cute. Well, yesterday morning he was on his changing table while I was changing his diaper. He started sayong "PopPo" which sounds a little bit like the way he says puppy so without looking at him I said "What are you saying puppy?" Then I looked at him as he repeated it. What I saw was Oliver doing the hand motions while he said "pop po" which is apparently popcorn! What a proud moment!!


The Parkers said...

I'm so PROUD of you!!! I knew you could do it! 3 cheers for Elizabeth!!!!

Jeremy & Shelly said...

Hey girly its Shelly, so Jeremy got a interview at midwestern dental in Glendale. Is that close to you? i dont even know where you are?? Call me so we can talk! Oh and your little one is so dang cute!!

Jeremy & Shelly said...

Hey girl! Im not sure if i have your right number! If u can give me a call! I really wanna chat with you!