Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had quite a week of Halloween festivities! Oliver and I went to my moms wards trunk or treat on Tuesday. Berto, Oliver and I went to our wards trunk or treat on Thursday and then of course there was Halloween! Needless to say we got good use out of Oliver's costume! :)

I decided to be a good sport on Tuesday at my moms ward and threw on Berto's scrubs and was a Doctor. The rest of the nights I was just me!

By the time Saturday came around I was pretty Halloweened out! So (since Berto was working as usual) Oliver and I went to our neighbors (and friends) Jen and Sasa's and hung out for a while! Then I took Oliver trick or treating to just a few houses for the experience and photo ops! Oliver was so cute he would say "tru treat" (trick or treat) and "Tank To" (thank you) at every house! I was surprised because he usually will say things for me and then not to anyone else! I guess he was motivated because of the candy! While we were at Jenn and Sasa's Oliver helped them answer the door and every time he went to help with handing out the candy to the kids he would snag a few candies for himself. Needless to say we have TONS of candy that none of us need! But it was a fun couple of days!

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