Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our little P-I-M-P!!!!!

Okay, so from a very young age Oliver could tell the difference between little boys and little girls! We would go to the park when he was around 7-8 months old and if he saw a little boy running around he wouldn't haven acknowledge him... BUT if he saw a little girl he would start giggling and smiling and totally working it!

Today at the park we were playing and two girls that were about ten stopped by! Oliver knew exactly what he was doing. He started talking their ears off and was telling them all about his ball, the park and a bunch of other words we couldn't understand. He gave them a little tour of the park pointing out all of his favorite things! (Mostly the slides!) then he slid down the slide all different ways showing off and showed them an imprint of a lizard that he found underneath the slide.

It was the cutest thing. He totally worked it and the girls were doing exactly as he said! It is so cute to watch his little personality! And those were so sweet to follow him around like that!

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