Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet Oliver Moments

Well, first of all we are POTTY TRAINING!!!! It's going fairly well! Oliver definitely gets the concept! We've had only a few accidents while wearing "big boy underwear!" (Thank Goodness!) Oliver is being a very good sport about it and we are so glad to be nearing the end of diapers... at least for a while!

Aside from that we haven't been up to too much! My mother in law started Chemo two weeks ago and is feeling pretty good. (Thank Goodness again!) She's a little tired and has had very minimal side effects!

Recently at bedtime Oliver has started "stalling!" Usually he asks for a drink of water, a hug, a kiss etc. Some nights if he's feeling really good he'll ask to say another prayer! I always let him have what he is asking for (especially if it's a prayer because that makes me so happy!) Tonight he kept telling me he needed to go "poo poo!" It was pretty funny! I let him try to go once (Just in case he wasn't stalling) but he was definitely stalling! But oh so cute!

My sweet moment of the night was at the end of our little evening prayer today I of course finished the prayer by saying Amen as I always do. Oliver usually doesn't say anything but today I asked "Oliver can you say Amen?" And of course he said it!

My little brag for the day is that my two year old knows all of the alphabet but 7 letters! He can look at all of the rest and point to them and say exactly what they are! He makes me such a proud mommy!

Hope everyone is great while they gear up for Thanksgiving!


p.s. Please excuse my spelling and grammar my eyelids are ever so heavy and I just wanted to post this since I always forget! Goodnight all! :)

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