Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pleasant Sunday's Gospel ABC's Book

I frequently check out this blog Pleasant Sunday she has GREAT ideas to keep your kids occupied at church and at home on Sundays! My absolute favorite is this AMAZING book she did. It's a Gospel ABC book! I love it! I have saved it to my computer and am trying to decided if I want to order it hardcover like she did or just have it printed out and put it into a scrapbook or something. Anyway, it rocks and for those of you with little ones I think you'll love it too!!

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DJ said...

I LOVE that!! I want it but can't find it to order. I'd so get the hard bound book. I absolutely love it. I tried making one when Kinlee was young but it was nowhere NEAR as awesome that Gospel ABC's book. I'd use that one myself. It's great. If you figure out how to order the 60 page book and it's not ridiculously expensive let me know, too. iloveit! Thanks so much for sharing...I've looked for something like that forever! That chic is freaking cool to make something so amazing and share it with the rest of us!!