Saturday, May 15, 2010

Attack of the Bees

Yesterday my mom told us that she saw a huge beehive in a tree next to the drive through at our local Jack In The Box. We were curious and decided to check it out on our way to Berto's parents house yesterday afternoon. That is what is in the picture above.

While we were at Berto's parents we went into their backyard like we usually do. Our backyard is ALL rock so Oliver always runs straight out there when we go to Berto's parents. Thankfully Oliver and all of us were still on the porch (which is not typical usually Oliver starts running laps around the entire backyard). But yesterday he was smelling some of the flowers on the back porch. All of a sudden (within maybe two minutes of us getting into the backyard) there were hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands) of bees swarming the backyard. Thankfully we were right by the door and were able to quickly get back inside. For about 30 minutes we watched these bees swarm the backyard. Then we noticed something that looked EXACTLY like what we saw at Jack's in the peach tree in Berto's parents backyard. About an hour later we noticed that it looked like there really wasn't a hive in the peach tree. Berto's dad went out to investigate and sure enough there wasn't. We're pretty sure it was just hundreds of bees all clustered together in the tree branch.

Our curiosity got the better of us and we drove back by Jack in the Box and the "hive" was gone from that tree too. We're pretty sure it was the same thing (maybe even the same bees because it's less than a mile away from Berto's parents) and they had just clustered in that tree also.

That was literally a scene from a nightmare for me. I am terrified of bees. It was crazy to see though. Here's a little video clip that Berto took of all the bees swarming the backyard. After Berto took this video even MORE bees came. It was seriously crazy.

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Derek & Kelli said...

ok... so that totally sent chills down my spine! I would've been dead! Bees like to sting me for kicks... I stepped on a dead one- it stung me! I was sitting in a chair working a yard sale (with my mother-in-law, who thought i was being funny until she witnessed this) and a bee flew over, landed on my arm (mind you I'm paralized frozen in fear) and stung me! I've been stung like 6 times! I would've FREAKED OUT if I would've seen all those bees! Yikes!