Thursday, May 06, 2010

Look Who's 2.5!!!

I know it's not his birthday and we aren't counting the months anymore, but I thought I'd do a post about Oliver because he's getting so smart and learning so much I don't want to forget all of the things he's doing at this age!

Oliver knows his ABC's! He is kind of funny. He doesn't sing the ABC song and he doesn't recite them but he can identify every letter of the alphabet! His favorite way of doing it is with a puzzle that he has! But also wherever we are he points out letters! He LOVES letters! I think he might end up being an early reader but who knows!

We're working on counting! He can count to 12 but he doesn't always do it right every time! He's getting really good at identifying numbers too! The other day we were at the LDS distribution center by the Mesa Temple buying Berto his graduation gift. You take a number and wait your turn. The number I got was 6. Oliver kept taking the number and turning it upside down and saying "mama look NINE!" It was funny!

You can't debate with Oliver. He is ALWAYS right. For instance with the above little story I kept correcting him and saying "no that one is actually a six" and he's say "NO MAMA NINE." It's that way with most things. If he thinks something is a certain way it IS because Oliver says so! There is no reasoning with him! I guess it's probably a lot to do with his AGE!

Oliver had frequent meltdowns at least 50 a day. They range from me leaving the room to use the restroom to him wanting a certain toy etc. He is definitely in his "terrible twos." Some days I want to pull my hair out... but we somehow make it through each day! :)

Oliver is terrified of BEES! We have a plant in our front yard and everyday when we walk to our mailbox that's a street over we walk past it. The plant ALWAYS has bees swarming in it. Oliver says "oh no bees" and walks as far away from it as possible. I'm sure he got that from me. I am terrified of bees! It's really funny to watch.. and even funnier to hear ME saying "they won't hurt you if you don't touch them." That is so not my thinking but I don't want Oliver afraid of things!

Oliver is becoming quite a chatter box! I'm so glad! For a while I was a little worried because he really wasn't talking much! But he is talking so much now! I love his little voice! I love it when he says "sit with mama" and "I'm coming!" One of my other favorites is "I'll be back!" He's so fun (When he's not throwing a tantrum lol!)

Oliver is obsessed with cars, trains and airplanes! He is definitely all boy!

We've been watching a lot of tv while I've been not feeling well with this pregnancy! He has become really responsive. I try to have him watch the shows that actually teach him something. One of our favorites is Ni Hao Kai Lan. It teaches Chinese words but also conflict resolution and how to deal with their emotions. He'll sit and watch and respond to their questions. He gets sad when the characters are sad. It's really funny! Thankfully he's still young enough that I think I'll be able to counteract the couch potato once I'm feeling human again! (At least I hope I will!)

Oliver is shy! When we go places if people are paying attention to him he takes my hand and hides his face behind it. It's kind of funny... but it also makes me a little sad. I hope he'll out grow that and be more like his daddy in that regard!

Oliver is a joy! I love him to pieces. I love hearing him say "Wub you mama!" That brightens my day! I'm so thankful that I am his mom! He has been such a blessing in our home! He's fun and funny and a little dramatic and whiny! But I wouldn't change him for anything!

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