Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Move to Salt Lake

This shot is out of order (I forgot to upload it and didn't want to have to rearrange all of my pictures) But this is what my pregnant feet looked like after 2 days in a big moving truck... not pretty... they have thankfully returned to their former slender selves!
All packed up and ready to go! Salt Lake City Here we come!!!

We really were crazy enough to pull our minivan with the moving truck. It made for a long trip but Oliver was such a happy camper to be in the big truck with both of his parents!!

Somewhere along the way Oliver decided although the moving truck was super cool... it was way TOO loud!! :) He was such a trooper. He complained very little considering we were in that truck for two days and a total of 18 hours.

Our last look at Phoenix... we won't miss it!

After several hours on the road (I'm thinking around 5 or 6 we are almost to Kingman, AZ.. but we're STILL IN ARIZONA!!!

We made a quick stop in Kingman for some food and were back on the road. Once back on the freeway there were signs saying that moving trucks were not allowed to go over the Hoover Dam which was the direction our GPS was taking us. We had to reroute and go around. This took us through Bullhead City, NV and Laughlin, NV and added an extra hour or more to our trip!

We finally made it to the hotel in Las Vegas. We were all SO EXHAUSTED. Berto called a few days before to ask if there was room to park a big moving truck in the parking lot. Of course they said sure but neglected to mention that their parking lot was an L shape and had only one way in and out. We followed the parking lot around and got stuck. It took us about two hours to get unstuck. After trying to back the truck out with van and dolly attached (with no luck) we decided to unload the van, unhook the dolly, back out the moving truck and then hook everything back up going in the right direction. Thankfully towards the end a very nice truck driver (who wanted to leave and we were in his way) helped Berto and did a much better job than I did of backing him in to attach the car dolly. I wanted to snap a picture of the whole ordeal but was too busy holding Oliver's hand to keep him from getting squished by the moving truck! :)

Bright and early Saturday morning we hit the road! Bye Bye Vegas... Hello Utah!!

Gotta love the Virgin River Gorge! It's so beautiful!

More from the Gorge!
Once you get through the Gorge you end get to St. George, UT! We made a lunch stop about an hour outside of St. George in Cedar City!

Here we are... almost there!... WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!

We finally arrived in Murray, UT on Saturday evening! It was two long days of driving but we survived! Since everything with Berto's transfer happened so quickly we had an offer from a friend to spend a month or two in her basement (Thank You Alisa!!) Instead of trying to figure out long distance where we were going to live. So we had a couple of guys meet us at a storage unit to unload most of our stuff for the next couple of months! I set up our account over the phone and we had a little mishap.. .they programmed our code into the wrong gate. Thankfully after an hour of waiting the storage unit guy showed up with a handful of friends and I recruited them to help unload the truck so it went pretty quickly! Then we headed over to Alisa's to unload our neccesities (beds, clothes and a few other odds and ends). Alisa lives in a little block of town homes and most of the neighbors are LDS and in our ward. When they saw the truck pull up they all cam out of their doors and started to help unload the truck! I was so grateful! It went super fast! I felt bad that I couldn't really help... but I can't lift much these days being pregnant and all!

All in all it was long, it was exhausting... but we're here and we're happy and we can't wait to see what opportunities are presented to us here in Salt Lake!!!


Team Hansen said...

Wow, quite the detailed post. I feel like I was right along side of you on the move! Glad to hear everything worked out and you are settled in.

Derek & Kelli said...

Welcome to Utah! So glad all went well on the drive... and I remember getting into a gas station in a 27 ft moving truck and not being able to get out w/o help (this was 12 years ago)! It's a labor in patience for sure:) But glad all ended well, and Yes.. Thanks Alisa for helping them have a great place 'land' here in UT!

Sean, Jen, Carson and Addie said...

I am SO excited you are here! I hope you love it as much as we do!!