Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What we saw today...

Near where our we're living for the next month or two they have this little Loche. It's so cute and there are always ducks in it. Well the Loche lets out into a little canal that goes behind the houses and under the freeway and down the street that we take to get two and from home. I always see people stopped on the side of the road feeding the ducks.

This morning Oliver and I were driving back from taking Berto to work and then running a few errands and I could see HUNDREDS of ducks, geese and on the banks GOATS!!! It was crazy! So we raced home and I ran in and grabbed a few slices of bread so Oliver and I could participate in the fun! It was so cool! There's a fence (probably so kids don't fall in) and some of the ducks were climbing under the fence and coming right up to us! Oliver LOVED it! I didn't have my camera and didn't want to take the time to grab it so I just used my cell phone to snap a few pictures!

We had such a fun morning feeding those ducks!

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