Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have a ton of catch up blogging that I'm still working on... but I felt like I needed to get this written down. On facebook on the 10th Anniversary of September 11th a friend of mine posted what she was doing that dreaded morning 10 years previous and asked to share what we were doing. So I shared what I was doing and felt like I should write it down here.

I can remember that I was at home getting ready for work and my mom called me in to her bedroom to watch the news with her. I was horrified and spent the rest of the day (next couple of weeks) listening to talk radio as I worked out of my car. What really hit home to me was the fact that two weeks prior to 9/11 I had turned in my mission papers. I was waiting for an envelope that could send me anywhere in the world. I know it's nerve racking for anyone waiting for their "call" but I felt especially terrified because of the state of the United States and of the World at that moment in time. I received my mission call that Thursday. It was signed and dated by President Gordon B. Hinkley September 11, 2001. That said so many things to me about the importance of the missionary work I was about to do. It told me that it is so important that the world was falling apart around us (at least it felt that way) and President Hinkley the latter day Prophet didn't stop to watch the news, he kept moving forward. He kept issuing mission calls. I felt like that said that now more than maybe ever before the work needs to go forward.

Thank you Jaclyn Snyder for encouraging me to write this down for my kids to read in the future.

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