Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Oliver and his friend Anya in front of preschool on the first day!

Oliver and Anya with Miss Sam!

Oliver started preschool on September 6th. He was sssooo excited! He has been going for a week and a half now and all last weekend he begged to go to preschool! I asked his teacher how he did after the first day. She said " Oliver did fine today. I know that he had a blast because he was REALLY excited and happy throughout the class. He had a lot of energy and I am excited to help him learn to channel it. Please don't ever hesitate to email or call me, I am happy to help and reassure in any way that I can."
My sweet little ball of energy! Ha! He loves it! His teacher's name is Miss Sam. She's just awesome with the kids. I am so happy that he's having this time to learn and grow! And Isaac is loving having a couple hours of time with mommy and daddy and NOT having toys yanked out of his hands every time he gets a new one!

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